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Guidance And Counseling

Guidance and Counselling in schools plays a decisive role in achieving the goal of helping young people to have a smooth and successful transition from school to the work place. Role of education in career development of individuals consists of lifelong process of developing work values and learning about opportunities inter alia. Education at all levels should be concerned with the development of total human life, including the career development needs of individuals, and it should be adapted to become a more relevant introduction to the world beyond it. AVV prepares young minds for the situation after school by cultivating a higher degree of self-understanding, encouraging them in career planning and awareness, and in decision making.
  • Date:- 04th JuLY 2024
    Success in finance requires both knowledge and insight. On 4 July at Agrawal Vidya Vihar, a workshop on career choices in finance was held. Mr. Shailesh Bhala, Director at Finnacle Institute, illuminated various finance careers including investment banking, portfolio management, financial analysis, and risk management. Attendees gained valuable insights and guidance from an industry expert, making it a highly beneficial event.
  • Date:- 12th June 2024
    “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” – Earl Nightingale In an engaging seminar on career counseling, Mr. Karan Sharma, Director of Elite Careers, illuminated the path of goal setting for 11th-grade commerce and humanities students. The discussion mirrored yesterday’s session, exploring careers in BBA, Law, Liberal Studies, Hotel Management, and Mass Communication. Mr. Sharma’s insights provided valuable guidance, empowering students to set clear goals and navigate their future career paths with confidence.
  • Date:- 11th June 2024
    “Choosing the right career path is crucial for your future success,” emphasized Mr. Karan Sharma, Director at Elite Careers, at a seminar for 12th-grade Commerce and Humanities students at Agrawal Vidya Vihar. He discussed BBA, MBA, Law, Management, Mass Communication, and Liberal Studies, as well as relevant universities and entrance exams. The seminar aimed to guide students in making informed career choices.
  • Date:- 10th June 2024
    “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X
    Dr. Keren Khambhata shared valuable career insights with Agrawal Vidya Vihar students, highlighting several in-demand roles for Gen Z. She emphasized careers such as Data Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist, Risk Manager, Sustainability Specialist, and Project Manager, which are set to be prominent in the evolving job market. Dr. Khambhata also stressed the importance of developing key skills to excel in these fields: Emotional Quotient (EQ): Managing emotions and fostering teamwork. Cultural Quotient (CQ): Respecting cultural differences for better collaboration. Social Quotient (SQ): Building strong relationships to open new opportunities. By focusing on these careers and skills, Gen Z can prepare for a successful future in a dynamic and rapidly changing job market.


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