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Agarwal Vidya Vihar CBSE Result-2024 (G24 News)
Agarwal Vidya Vihar CBSE Result-2024 (AB News)
Annual Sports Meet : CITIUS 2023-24
Sports Meet Highlight
Winter Carnival
‚ÄúStep right into the excitement! ūüéČ Watch the vibrant carnival video highlights, featuring thrilling rides, dazzling performances, and unforgettable moments. Experience the magic all over again!

Annual FunctionDay-1
Kranti se Sharnarthi Tak(Nukkad Natak)
Today the students of XII Humanities of Agarwal Vidya Vihar wonderfully presented the Nukkad Natak Titled "Kranti se Sharnarthi Tak", prepared under the guidance of Ms Rashi Somani (Political Science Faculty)and Ms Shoury Pagaria. (Pyscology Faculty). This act is the integration of subjects of Political Science, Psychology and History. The play portrays the rebellions that took place during the national movement. the independence of India, The partition of India along with psychological effects.
Construction of Roads Using Plastic Garbage
Project prepared by Arnavsinh Vansiya and Nilay Gupta of Class-VIII

The "Construction of Roads Using Plastic Garbage" project aims to address two pressing environmental issues simultaneously: plastic waste pollution and the deterioration of conventional roads. Plastic waste, especially single-use plastics, has become a significant environmental concern, clogging landfills, polluting waterways, and causing harm to wildlife. On the other hand, conventional asphalt roads are prone to wear and tear, resulting in potholes and requiring frequent maintenance.
Hybrid Power Plant
roject prepared by Vansh Shah and Daksh Sinha of Class-IX

The Project focuses on the design and implementation of a cutting-edge Hybrid Power Plant that combines the strengths of three renewable energy sources: hydroelectric, solar, and wind. Renewable energy is vital for a sustainable future, and harnessing the potential of multiple sources in a single power plant can maximize efficiency and energy production while reducing carbon emissions. The objective of this project is to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy generation system that can contribute significantly to the power needs of our community.
Hanuman Janmotsav
On this auspicious day, we conducted a special assembly by reciting Hanuman Chalisa and a speech was also given by Mahek Periwal to give awareness and importance about the day to the children.


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